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We are The Freestyle Collective. 


We're an eclectic mix of writers and photographers.  But we're so much more than that.  We're made up of storytellers, rock climbers, mountain bikers, artists, competitive swimmers, hikers, entrepreneurs, wanderlusts, volunteers, mothers, fathers, innovators, and dreamers.  The common thread among all of us is our love of travel.  We have a need to explore new places, uncover new spaces, and spread the word.  

We have come together to gain an authentic, first-person perspective of the best locations around the globe, and then create one-of-a-kind content for our clients that showcases the epic distinction of that destination. Our final mission is to spread it to the masses. 

The fact that we eat, sleep, and breathe adventure means that we'll climb higher, swim further, and dream bigger when it comes to getting that perfect shot that others would dare reach or fully embracing the experience so that we can paint a picture of every detail in full, vibrant color. 

However, We are of the belief that our world contains many wonders, with possible expeditions around every corner, and we aim to protect that.  So, we look to tell the story of those who believe in taking life by the horns, and experiencing it to it's fullest (whatever that may mean), and protecting this planet through eco-sustainability and green initiatives.  Even better if they provide philanthropic opportunities that encourage giving back!  If this rings true, we're pretty sure you have a tale to tell, and we would love the opportunity to work with you!  

We're Expert Storytellers and Avid Travelers



We provide one-stop content curation, from blogs to  to photos to social posts, and all your marketing materials.



Everything is customized for you and exclusive to you.



First-person peer-based content is 10x more effective than traditional advertising.


We find unique positions to match your current  market and optimize you for growth.



"Finally!  Something that doesn't look 'salesy' and scream that it came from a corporation."


- Adam Ott -

"This is the freshness we needed in our marketing mix.  New perspectives = new clients." 

- Sarah Chaplin -

"What an interesting bunch of individuals to shed new light on our product!"

- Laura Gordon -

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